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Declared by music industry media & fans as the bastard child of Janis Joplin and Iggy Pop & the Stooges. The words: Powerhouse vocals, do not serve Tara Elliott justice, nor proper introduction. Tara's songwriting & Led Zeppelin-esque voice sing her diary, telling the story of "No Parachute", being born a rebellious, rock and roll misfit in New Jersey as a rehab-failed teen, her dark struggles living with addiction, abandonment, the death of her father, a rejected broken heart, misplaced lust, finding faith, learning about true love and forever breaking sexual stereotypes.


Recent Grammy-nominee Producer, Bobby Holland (Ke$ha) produced Tara Elliott's upcoming release, "No Parachute". "No Parachute" was recorded at Holland's Pentavarit Studios in Nashville, Tennessee with an all-star cast, including Steven Tyler's drummer, Sarah Tomek on drums.


Tara is an artist who alchemically transmutes pain into rebuilding herself as an international alternative entrepreneur & songwriter. This punk rocker integrates all her talents into one business- a New York City 5th Avenue makeup artist turned custom designer, curator, & stylist of retro pin up boutique, Bettie's Bombshells. Her daily fight is for passion, music, art, fashion, LGBTQ equality, color, language & freedom of expression as she runs through the streets of Paris & London, blows up Instagram & Facebook donning vibrant hues, sells her custom designs at her Asbury Park boardwalk store location, or curates Fashion Rock Shows featuring her band.



No Parachute; all works are BMI registered & US Copyrighted by Tara Elliott. 

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